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Jordan Peterson isn't perfect.

He is an emotional creature just like the rest of us.
But he is closer to a comprehensive objective picture of the human condition than say, Sam Harris.
But not by much.
And Sam is closer than Richard Dawkins.
And Richard is closer than Christopher Hitchens.
And Christopher was closer than Pat Robertson...
but not by much.

skado 9 Oct 11

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For a psychologist he seems particularly unhelpful. Social media has helped fuel the divide and the madness that is trump and this administration - IMHO.

I worry that Dr. Peterson's own psychological health may not be in the best place, but in spite of his personal limitations (which we all have) I do think he gets a lot of things right that others miss. In particular, he seems to understand, as Joseph Campbell did, that the original essence of religion was about values, not about a literal interpretation of metaphors. And that's important because people are killing each other over that misunderstanding.

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