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This is for the grammar police. OK, This is the Internet so I don't like using other people's real names. So lets call him Sally. Years ago Sally and I worked together for 3 years. Sally died last week and his obituary listed his age as the same as mine, which was a surprise to me. So I commented "Sally and I are the same age" and was corrected to "Sally and I were the same age." Which is correct?

Dick_Martin 7 Feb 3

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were. Sally did not make it to your current age.

You spotted the issue I believe. Sally died a month or so ago. At that time we both were 79. Next year I may be 80. If so, next year I would say "were". But for this year...?

if you were to define "same age" as same in whole years i suppose you might say are, but that seems awkward. what if sally had an earlier birthday? what if she turned 80 and died while you were still 79.


I speak of my son in present tense.

oh gosh... I am so sorry...

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