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World of Religion - how the numbers stack up.

MrLink 8 Feb 4

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If any Aliens up here, around out there in your space ships, are reading this chart, I just want to say that I'm sorry, but yes it's true, we haven't outgrown our Bronze Age species childhood yet and our species childhood stories of magic and miracles, so come back in a 1,000 years or so, and if we haven't done ourselves in (a big "if" ) then maybe we might have by then, and maybe we can do business with you. Ok? Thanks.

'Tis a bit disappointing isn't it?



Dates from 2003. Mostly estimates, but it would be interesting to see any sift in recent years.

Yeah, check into it.


I can't read it

sorry still cant

@LeighShelton I cannot either. But some of have youthful eyes and I do not.

I'm looking on a large tv screen and my long sight is just fine.

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