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Flower still blooming

It's nearly November, and flowerpots on my south-facing deck are still blooming. Delightful!

During a week in October, I covered the flowerpots at night when temperatures neared freezing.

It's snowing in the Cascade Mountains. (cue music from Jaws)

LiterateHiker 9 Oct 27

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Everything out east is soggy and wet. But no frost here--yet.


Nice 🙂

rajga Level 2 Oct 28, 2018





Remarable such things are I would agree. I once had a rose bush that only ever had one bloom on it at a time. One huge, deep red bloom on a bush that never got more than knee high. And it bloomed at the oddest times like at new years day in a foot of snow. A mind of its own.




They are beautiful; thanks for sharing.


And here I thought you were being metaphorical, LH! (Well, you certainly ARE still blooming!!)
We've had a few freezes here in the high desert of Colorado Springs, even a bit of snow, but it rarely sticks more than a day or two. My aunt and uncle lived on Whidbey Island (sp?) for 3 years, sadly I never got the chance to visit. Enjoy the beautiful weather!


Nice, hope it lasts a bit longer


Ah, life is the desert!


Wenatchee is not a classic desert. We live snuggled against the foothills of the Cascade Mountains on the sunny, east side of the mountains. Here is a picture of Wenatchee in March 2018.

@LiterateHiker I accept that. I'm no expert on deserts. I spent many happy weekends in Wenatchee in the 1990s and kind of looked on the town as a refuge from the stresses of life and work in Seattle.

@LiterateHiker I lived in Poulsbo for a couple of years - loved it over there - so many wonderful places to explore.
1st photo was from our porch
2nd was a ferry ride to Seattle


Beautiful pictures! I know it well. When I first moved to Washington State, I wanted to live on water after growing up on a lake in Michigan.

So, my first home was on the waterfront, in South Colby on the Kitsap Peninsula. Looking across to the lights of Seattle.

Taking the ferry, Seattle gray days were "silver days" to me. The water was shimmering silver, reflecting the sky.

So, I took the ferry to Seattle for graduate school at the University of Washington. Worked as a program director at the Tacoma Family YMCA.

@LiterateHiker I loved living on that side of the sound. There was so much to see/do even on those silver days (love that description)

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