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Non-Christian Evangelicals!?!

How can the far right Evangelical "Christians" justify all of the hate, inequality, lack of values and embracing almost NOTHING taught by Christ!
I'm not a Christian but, I'm more "Christ like" than these haters!

MikeThorne 4 Oct 23

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While the wealthy lifestyles of evangelical preachers is contrary to "harder for a rich man to get into heaven, then a camel getting through an eye of a needle", the sheep will tolerate anything in order to achieve their agenda of Christian sharia law. They even embraced an abuser and liar such as Orange Nazi Trump. Besides, evangelical preachers are rich because Jesus is rewarding them for spreading his filth.


I often point out to believers that although I am an atheist, I live a more "righteous" life by the values they claim to believe in that most of them do.

Still any religion can to be taken to an extreme. I once dated a guy who was raised as a Buddhists, but he says it was like they were "born again Buddhists". This brought to mind a possible comedy bit with a line like "You are going to reach enlightenment even if I have beat it into you." The idea of an Asian family acting like red necks... It just seems like a funny concept to me and might make for a good comedy sketch/skit if written and acted well. It is just so antithetic of what you think about when thinking of Buddism.


When I left organized religion in my late twenties, it was because of all the crap I saw in the churches i attended: lying, cheating, racism, child abuse, hypocrisy of all sorts--some of it from the men standing behind the pulpit. I knew I could be a better Christian without attending church. Well, I eventually became an atheist; and, like you, I know that without a god I am still more moral than these hate filled, self-righteous hypocrites.


I just posted a link to an article where Trump is called the 'God Emperor' and in a similar vein, I believe that evangelicals have hijacked the Christian religion to serve their own aims of fulfilling Christ's prophesies by whatever means necessary. This is why Trump is allowed to do anything he likes and the evangelicals support him unreservedly. For them seeing armageddon will be bliss and they await the rapture. To us it is sheer insanity and is clearly far from the actual teachings of Jesus. This is what indoctrination and dogma ultimately leads to, insanity.


I think a lot of that stems from the love of money.


Ignorance and delusion leads to a lot of failed thought processes.


I think they are idiots. I have been reading about them in the USA - thankfully they do not seem to exist in Canada -

They can call themselves Evangelical Christians, but they have created a new god, in the shape of what they want it to be.

Actually I have a Canadian brother and sister-in-law, 2 nephews an their wives who would slightly differ. This does exist in Canada but is MUCH less prominent because of regulations on profit, socialized medicine and a grasp of humanity by their "leaders" (who should actually be servants).

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