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Have you witnessed, perpetrated or been the victim of elder abuse? Please share and explain the precise circumstances with who, when, consequence and why.

FrayedBear 9 Feb 5

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Does terminally ill and unable to fend for oneself count? Yes I've seen it. On an oncology floor.... staff.

IMO no excuse from professional staff or unprofessional like cleaners. A friend worked in a hostel for mentally sick people. Each cottage of 8 patients having a qualifed psyche nurse in attendance 24/7. One of his colleagues, a man of many years experience was driven over the edge by one patient. He ended up lashing out with the big bunch of brass keys needed to unlock all the doors in the 1800's built premises. I was disappointed in that it was classed as an instant dismissal offence.
IMO the employer had been negligent in allowing such a degree of stress to build up in the employee who should have been on a minimum of regular routine counselling if not actual paid sickness leave.


I see it all the time, he younger the kid, the worse they treat the oldies is what I find. I blame parents, kids learn their attitudes somewhere.

An ever growing problem that IMO is often the result of governmental policy and greed that is alienating children from parents with artificial housing scarcity and false pricing, lack of employment opportunity and exploitation, drugs, poor quality schooling and inadequate laws resulting in societal division.

@FrayedBear Yep, the Gov forces both parents to work, who raises the kids?

@Rugglesby But it provides work to otherwise unemployable people in kindergartens .... how else do you keep the employment statistics up?


I have not. I have always even as a kid looked out for the elderly. I would put myself in harms way if that what it took to stop it.

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