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Best Secular Conference

There are a lot of atheist/Humanist national gatherings out there. Which one could you not do without?

AdamGonnerman 3 Nov 2

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I can do without humanists mis-defining Atheists. ...conferences conventions con cons Marches Rallies pod casts cable casts satellite broadcasts live news events radio live and taped broadcasts, telephone call ins, retreats, Lake Hypatia, fly ins, drop ins, American Atheist bookstores, PRESS, CHARLES E STEVENS Memorial Library, Solar Eclipse Watches BEYOND BELIEF FOUNDATIONS, SECULAR RECOVERY, RATIONAL RECOVERY, ad infinitum all I have observed moving millions out of the closets of fearing theocracy illegally in action in schools, legislative prEyers and the trillion dollars spent on the F.B.I. faith based initiatives of BleighCLINTON, boyBush, ObushaObombney and now TrumpOLINI


The Magic Sandwich crowd. So much sense.

Tilia Level 7 Nov 3, 2018
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