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Are there any manga/anime fans out there?

My favorite one rn is, "Death Note." I do like, "Inu-Yasha," "Naruto," and the, "Kingdom Hearts" manga book.

Sarahroo29 8 Feb 6

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Does Full Metal Alchemist count?



My kids... LOL I used to take them to conventions all the time, sew costumes, make weapons...



Yes, I think they’re cool. I know people that absolutely love Naruto.

Ooohh... I do.


It’s been around a long time a respected and god like in some countries. Animated delicacy. I remember dragon ball z does that count?



Akira was some excellent cyberpunk right there. I like the giant fighting robot stuff like Macross, Votoms and Gundam. Was following Masamune Shirow for a while but that was a while ago.



I have to be honest with you I don't know what either of these are if you could teach me a little bit about them I'd be forever grateful maybe I'll become a fan

Japanese animation cartoons are anime. Manga are the graphic novels of Japanese cartooning. Some manga books turn into the anime movies.


I have a few favorites over the years, I'm not too big into it but ever so often something catches my interest.

Almost the entirety of the Universal Century Gundam saga is full of great stories and battles. War in the Pocket, 08th MS, and even Unicorn are phenomenal mini series that I highly recommend people watch even if you aren't a fan of giant robot genre.

Death Note was a great series as well...though the second season was a giant fumbling mix of some decent idea with piss poor execution. M and N were horrible and pointless additions to the story, and I would have gone an entirely different rout.

The entire JoJos Bizarre Adventure series is just off the wall crazy fun. It's so bonkers and yet cleverly written, that it it's hard to explain what makes it so good without watching it yourself. Parts 2, 4, and 7 are all amazing and fun. I look forward to seeing the rest of the saga animated as they are supposedly working on part 5s animated adaptation. Part 7 dubbed "Steel Ball Run" is an absolutely fantastic manga, acting as a sort of reboot of the series and kicking off a different JoJo universe. Even though it delves a lot into religious themes, it's done in a fantastic way. I mean...the fucking president is the main antagonist, jesus is in it, dinosaurs, an Italian cowboy, epic cross country horse's completely batshit and yet it all 'works'.

Hellsing is the remedy for those who need to forget about Twilight. Just bonkers, with Vampires, Nazis, and all sorts of other wacky shit that just clicks. Alucard is stupid over powered for a Vampire, but he is just wonderful. Hellsing Ultimate Abridged is also one of the funniest fan series I've ever watched, can't wait till they finish it.

Both Full Metal Alchemist series are wonderful as well.
Baccano is wonderfully crazy, if Tarantino made an anime this would be the closest thing I could think of.
Cowboy Bebop is the anime that people who don't like anime love. Great soundtrack and characters.

I have an exception with Dragon Ball Z. I don't like the series, poorly written and paced in many ways, a bit of a guilty pleasure for most. BUT TeamFourStar and their Dragon Ball Z abridged series is absolute gold. It's pretty much the best way to watch Dragon Ball to remain entertained and still be able to follow the story. Their version of Cell is just golden.

Is DBZ on Netflix.


Death Note and Blood The Last Vampire.



The first Anime I watched in Japanese in 1979 or 1980 was Supercar Gatiger. Channel 26 in San Francisco has always shown Japanese TV programs on Saturday night. When I was a kid 6pm to 7pm was dedicated to Anime.

Apparently Supercar Gatiger was very popular in Italy.



The first anime series I remember watching was Yu Yu hakusho. First anime movie was spirited away. The best anime I have watched recently would have to be The ancient magus' bride, and re: zero. Death note was amazing of course. All 25 episodes 🙂



I'm one! I'm currently caught in a string of webtoons that are great, but Dance in the Vampire Bund is one of my favorite Mangas.

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