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Blue Wave or Blue let down?

Which way do you see tomorrows elections going?

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By paul19678
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As of today, none of the above. It's a mixed bag.

There is still so much work to do to restore this country.

We can only take baby steps for a while.

Come 2020, if there's no blue wave, it's very possible that the fucks in which I can keep giving will be completely depleted.

BlueWave Level 8 Nov 7, 2018

Insufficient data!


I predict that the Republicans will pick up one more senate seat, and the Democrats will win the house by 2 seats.

That will be interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens

I really wish I was right


Anxiously optimistic.

Deb57 Level 7 Nov 5, 2018

Blue letdown, likely

Dpm12 Level 1 Nov 5, 2018

It has to change, BUT... I am disappointed Democrats is our only other option. Last time they controlled the house and senate they sat on their hands for the most part. Wasted many opportunities.

I've been a Democrat since I could understand politics, but I've been looking for an alternative for years, but I don't feel like I have one yet.


I'm hoping for the best.


More of a blue ripple than a blue wave...unfortunately.


The repubs gain in the Senate and the house is 50/50. Dems might gain a 4-5 seat majority or repubs may keep a 4-5 seat majority.

jorj Level 8 Nov 5, 2018

@gebulldog come back and say sorry after it's over. People like u said the same thing when I said Hillary would lose to trump too. How did that one work out for u all?

Repubs already winning the early votes and will just keep on rolling. The 20% of people still fooled by the Dems are so propagandized by TV news like MSNBC and CNN that they don't know that the rest of America isn't falling for the MSM garbage anymore.

@gebulldog and of course u still got to name call because u are to simple to even conversate and u wonder why people don't show up to vote for your team. Children never learn I guess.

@gebulldog now a grmmar Nazi, just digging your hole deeper. Keep on going, u just making it even sweeter once the result come out.

@gebulldog and just so u know, I used the to and too correctly. U is common internet lingo so if u don't like tht then get off the net pal.


@gebulldog quote wrong use then, educate me on wise one

@gebulldog so u can't quote it. U so sexually frustrated u can even see straight, huh?


Well historically speaking Dems win when voter turnout is high. So far.... the early voting numbers are really impressive for a midterm. We will have to see what happens. As for Pelosi I really loathe her. Schumer also. My problem is that Dems in general are just the otherside of a corporate coin. I have noticed more progressives running and doing well. However it will take many many more to change the landscape in DC.


Early voting was more in line for the repubs tho.

@gebulldog it's not a hope, it's a fact even MSNBC reported on. U really don't know anything about this other than your talking points and name calling.

@gebulldog get informed and stop making yourself look so dumb

For all the lefties reading thru this thread, just look at how this guy talks to people and know that is why the left can't even beat a fool like Trump. These people do nothing but assume and name call because of their own lack of substance and they push away people who would normally vote for the left. He isn't unique either, these types are just as prevelant as the alt-right and they are THE problem with America. Until the left deals with this stuff they can continue to lose for all the rest of America cares. Us 55-60% ind voters will not be associated with that level of hate and anger.


I have my hopes, but I learned my lesson two years ago.
I have no faith in the intelligence of the American electorate.

KKGator Level 9 Nov 5, 2018

Keep faith at bay it's no different than wishing it were true

@paul1967 I don't believe in "faith" anyway.

@KKGator I trust that about you because I've read your posts and you strike me as one of the bright ones. I value your opinion always

@paul1967 Thanks. Rightbackatcha.


I'm pulling for a blue wave... And I;ll be voting in my bright blue shirt and my blue jeans!

Bring a friend with you


Nice blog with genuine information. Thanks alot.

iosman Level 1 Nov 5, 2018

I think we'll see a blue wave. This is way too important.

paul1967 Level 8 Nov 5, 2018
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