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Have you ever been called a "clever clog?"

Are you a clever clog? Have you ever been clogged? 😀

TheAstroChuck 8 Nov 5

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I don't what that words mean, but they can call you whatever, you are still awesome and smart to me!! 🙂

Seriously I have read your posts (most of the time I have to google words for definitions LOL English is my second language), you have a brilliant mind..!!!!


My father was Dutch and I have a very Dutch name. So yes, clever clogs was used in school. Though mostly clog head ! Boys being boys and all that.?


Lol no

Dpm12 Level 2 Nov 5, 2018

Strange. I thought a clog meant a dummy or a bit of a smuck. New one for me. I like smarty pants, myself. It cuts down pretentious people. Never forget that episode of Frasier when this everyday guy, when asked by Frasier why he didn't like him, replied, "Well, I think you are a smarty pants." Frasier knew he was right, and so did we the audience.


Let's take the conversation out of the gutter and just call the clever clogs smarty pants!

The mind boggles!


Hmm nope, couple other clever c-words maybe ?but I can't say I've had the pleasure. There are traditional mountain cloggers in this part of appalachia and Im an anglophile for TV comedy but Ive missed that expression.


Its clever clogs (plural). Clogs are shoes worn by working people especially up here in the North. 'Sparking clogs' was the term used by people who made sparks from the metal 'cegs' underneath the clogs to stop them wearing out too quickly. I just about remember people wearing them. If you were considered, 'too clever by half', a 'clever clogs' it was a slight criticism, sort of like you were showing off superior intellect in an environment that certainly did not need it (the cotton mills). Of course that was bollocks, it was only because people stood up and were counted that we no longer have 6 year olds working 16 hour days in appalling conditions. I am very very proud of my clever clog ancestors.

I hate anti intellectualism disguised as virtue like that n the Bible often promotes. Curiosity killed the cat is another one parents spout when their kids asking too many questions, but the rest goes "but satisfaction brought it back."


Yes's very British..Clever Clogs = SmartyPants .= Too Clever...normally compared to the Duhhh...that is calling you that....


No, but only because I don't hang out with enough English people, apparently.


I have been called clever, and also called a smart ass, but I have never been called a clever clog. I don't even know what it means.


No sir... Nor a cox-comb...


Never heard the expression. Looked it up and saw it's also known as a clever dick. LOL

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