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On the topic of anti-vaxxers. I hear a lot of hate and irritation directed at these people but I think we're missing a point here. There is a growing mistrust of science in general and the medical community in particular that has given rise to this. While anti-vaxxers may have a shaky grasp of the scientific process I think their distrust is not unfounded. Firstly consider the opioid epidemic. Millions of lives ruined and ended by something people's doctors gave them to make them better. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the public welfare and our individual well being is being sacrificed regularly in the name of higher profit for big pharma et all. Then there's the recent scandal where it was revealed that significant amounts of data has been falsified for decades in numerous studies. These are factual events. Add to them all the anti science fake news out there and you have a very dangerous situation for scientific credibility. I think we need to address the actual issues that are driving this mentality rather than attack people who see all this and come to a not unreasonable conclusion. Treat the root of the problem, not the symptom.

OpposingOpposum 9 Feb 8

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I completely disagree...
Anti-vaxxer are bat shit crazy.
Yes a small percentage may have bad reactions to the meds but in general without it we would have much higher infections and deaths.
The fact there peopled are uneducated or too religous to see the light isnt a problem with science. The problem is with brainwashing and the lack of education.


Being protective of children's health includes mistrust of high priced low quality vaccines profiteers. ...blind trust of medical greed wrongly brands questioning people as antivax. in 34 kids are getting induced autism. ...who proved Vax is 100% safe ?


Good point. I think that we "spin our wheels" with our focus perhaps poorly directed. The issue is presenting arguments that the targeted audience will read. If you get technical or scientific, the intended recipients will shut down.

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