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Carrol Quigley makes the case that America is a two-party system and it works because we generally have had nearly identical parties. Therefore when one set of rascals and rapscallions got to greedy we could throw them out and bring in the other group of scoundrels and scalawags and life would go on without violent changes to the direction of the country. Now, we've lost that. Change in government means huge change in direction of the nation.

Dick_Martin 7 Feb 9

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there all the same really. it's them and us.

Not really. You look around and there are a lot of wealthy and active Democrats who are not aligned at all with the Koch brothers or with Russians.


Sometimes it feels like the Extreme Conservatives vs the Pro-Choice Conservatives.

MikeJ Level 4 Feb 9, 2018

No, we have one party, the business party. It just has two factions. Direction hasn't changed a bit.

That is as-designed. Citizens United threw the balance out of whack, but yes, the idea is that we should be able to throw Democrats out of power without destroying the country with crazy thinking


I sometimes think of the Seldon Plan, of Asimov's "Foundation" and Dr. Quigley.
500 years turns to 50, 200 years turns to 20? I am sorry if you do not know the Asimov work, I am afraid the possible analogy will be lost on you.

Yes. It is lost on me.

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