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About the Artist

Jessica “Jess” Luer is originally from Wisconsin Dells, WI. Her aunt and artist Pam Luer inspired Jess to pursue a creative career and did so initially by attending and graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point with a Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing in two-dimensional mediums. UWSP is an ecologically-conscious college and is academically-acclaimed for its natural science teachings, so Jess also became inspired to minor in biology. Jess’s artistic influences include her travels abroad to Europe, John James Audubon’s and Owen Gromme’s bird prints, observational sketches from various western-world artists, photographers that favor nature and figures as subject matter, and occasionally the tapestry-like scroll paintings from various east asian scholars that favor the use of natural inks and watercolors. Jess enjoys biological illustration, especially involving organism identification under special circumstances relative to humanity. Jess favors monochromatic styles in her work involving intricate line work, organic patterns, and layered textures. Jess is well-versed with ink, watercolor, charcoal, acrylics, oils, pastel, graphite, and photo. Jess since then has been progressively seeking freelance opportunities and new creative adventures. Also, she is currently searching for the right Arts Administration grad school program overseas. She looks forward to sharing her wealth of creative knowledge with all who meet her.

Why Do Art?

“Emotion drives my passion to imagine and generates the motivation to discover the beauty in all things.” -Jess
“Art furthers the preservation of nature and the interpretation of science; art enlightens the knowledge of both.” -Jess

Art documents history, portrays phenomena of the universe, and deciphers what it means to be human. Most aspects of modern day society has undermined the importance to continue the practice despite those facts. Technology, industry, and social standards has altered and diminished art practice as an unimportant luxury hobby. This is not true: art is still initially required to illustrate invention and discovery, art expresses worldwide conflict that require humanity’s immediate attention in ways words and speech cannot, art is still document history (although not always as traditional), art is a therapeutic and affordable alternative to expressing emotions and doesn’t require seeing a doctor or turning to chemical substances, and art ultimately makes the world beautiful despite all of humanity’s destructive tendencies. Jess is determined to succeed in addressing her concerns for humanity and the environment in an ethical manner by promoting earth-friendly topics, methods, and mediums.

ImpressionistMe 5 Feb 10

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Hoooray (or is it hoorah?) for fellow artists. I hope there's a lot of us on this site.


Theinterlooper would like to know if Jess always refers to herself in the third person?

Yes, yes she does

@ImpressionistMe Theinterlooper approves.


Hi Jessica!

Dave here, "medieval ~ metal" musical theater composer, choreographer,...just see my profile!

Artistic types are rare here and you can also expect some derision from our "idiot fringe atheists"...creativity just isn't scientific, you see...anyway...

Welcome! Hope to see you in our creative kids' corner!



Welcome to our little heathen home. 🙂 I enjoy art, both the creating (which I haven't really done in a long time) and the appreciation of others' works. Thanks for sharing your background and thoughts on art.

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