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Oh man.... Just watched Brockmire on Hulu. This series is going to be my next binge watch, fer shure. I've not ever even heard of this series... Had me rolling around holding my belly and then he said "Is that the finger you had in my ass?" and I had to take a break before I hurt myself.

Dick_Martin 7 Feb 11

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I'll keep it in mind. Hank Azaria is a talented guy. He is one of the main voices on "The Simpsons".

He is a new name to me but his baseball announcer dialog in all settings is hilarious,


What’s it about?

Have you seen Hello, Ladies?

What's it about... Big time Major League baseball announcer goes home early, finds his wife having sex with 5 people in the living room, and has a meltdown about it on TV. Spirals into oblivion and ends up as the stadium announcer in a very minor league city and discovers that he is in fact a worldwide celebrity on the Internet with his meltdown video. All rated MA with incredible hilarity.

I have not even heard of Hello. Ladies. Please tell me more?

Stephen Pritchett is single, and he’s lonely. Has a funny roommate/renter. A woman. I’ve only seen the first few episodes.

It’s a Ricky Gervais thing. @Dick_Martin


Lol so it’s recommended then

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