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Physical beauty vs Emotional attraction

Trying to stay awake tonight, gotta go back to work tomorrow night. There have been several posts and questions about physical beauty and attraction recently. I was thinking about some people who I felt were teally beautiful I had encountered.Before my last serious relationship and parted ways. We were returning from Boone Nc after a weekend there. We went home by Grandfather mountain on the Blue Ridge Parkway. This was late August or early September. It was a misty foggy morning. At every pull off there were cars,and we could see people in the brush and scrub off the sides of the road. We were speculating about what all these people were doing. We went down a slight down grade and the most cleared for a second. A woman steps Out of the Woods wearing a purple bandana pulling long waist length. Gray hair back. She had a man's plaid long sleeve shirt on. With a. Denim apron on and an ankle length gingam skirt. Her face was wrinkled and looked like leather. She had her apron bundled in from of her. As she stepped out of the brush she squatted and emptied her apron into a 5 gallon bucket. We both yelled at the same instant BLACKBERRIES! The car window was down and the woman looked up and smiled when she heard us. Her eyes were as blue. As the sky, and her face that had been the color and texture of a baseball mitt had transformed into the most incredible beauty, filled with joy and glee. She just made me start grinning like a possum rating persimmons. She turned and disappeared with an upright straight walk back into the brush. Forever as far as we knew. Trish claimed she wasn't real but a spirit of the mountain. I just wish I could have sat for several days and heard her story. She touch me forever with just those few seconds. Has anyone else been touched but someone with non traditional beauty??? Cate to share

Stevil 8 Feb 12

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You don't have to be the most beautiful woman in the world but sensuality will be needed. I am a romantic.


I see it all the time in people. I dated a guy for a minute who was not traditionally handsome. His wit, heart and considerable intellect make his face one of my favorites these days because I know what's inside.


When I could get my ex to succumb to laughter and joy. Seeing her face transform like that will be something I will always love. Watching the hands of someone work who hasn't lost that connection to the earth that few of us have anymore. As long as I'm not in a place where I'm too fucked up emotional and physical attraction are intertwined.


With an artist's eyes and a poet's heart, I look for it everywhere.

I heard it in the voices and guitars of the old men in the bluegrass jam circle, twanging their hearts out for me as I waited, rapt in awe, for my place to join in with my fiddle and surf atop the sonorous waves they created for me.

I heard it in the slightly out-of-tune, tinny voices pouring out their pure love of God in the church. I wished I didn't have to sing sometimes, just so I could listen.

That's all I can think of now, but the backrooms of my storehouse brain contain a trove, I'm sure.


Has anyone else been touched but someone with non traditional beauty???"

Yes. Throughout my life. Btw, while living in the Upstate of SC, I had an itch to just get in the car and drive. No destination in mind. I ended up at Grandfather Mountain and stayed a few days/nights. It's beautiful there.

@Stevil I did. 🙂


As long as shes got a thigh gap all is fine. WOW, did someone just call me Shallow Hal?

Maybe the world will get lucky and you'll run into Tony Robbins and he'll jolt your nervous system. Lol


Beauty is about the whole person. We ran internet cafe in a small. Ruth used to visit to check her email. She walked everywhere. In the warm months she would bring us flowers she had picked. During the cold months she made pies and brought them. She had little money but she was rich in spirit and made us richer by her presence. She was old in years, but young at heart.

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