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POLL 2019 American Atheist's Convention: Douglas' Venue Options

Douglas' VENUE:
This year's 2019 American Atheist's Convention will be in Cinncinatti OH.. I live 4 hours away, so I'm fairly certain that I'll be making this one, my first, Finally!
Rooms on the "reserve block" for convention guests, will be from the Tuesday before, till the Tuesday after, @ $105.00 per day. I've reserved a (2) Queen Deluxe, (same price) for Thursday-Sunday. This is when the pre-event workshops start, till the last event, Sunday afternoon. If I find folks who want to go in on the room, I can reserve to stay longer, be it earlier, later, or both.

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By Dougy7
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Dyl1983 Level 6 Mar 14, 2019

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Dougy Level 7 Dec 1, 2018
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