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Lotta "qualifier" words in this piece, meaning it is filler, only.....

It still brings up a lot of interesting points to think about. It's just not stating its ideas in an unqualified way.


What's next - watching flies f--k? Dude - no offense - but you need to get out of the house 🙂.

You did not have to look, why be so offensive.

@Jolanta You found my comment offensive - doesn't mean that was the original intent or that the person who created this thread will think the same way. I did leave a smile to indicate that it was in jest. If you still find it offensive that's on you and I'm not responsible for your perceptions.

@SLBushway Oh, tetchy, eh. Can you tell me how I can leave a smile face or something like it?


Cool story but if a plant can physically respond to negative energy then it’s safe to say that consciousness isn’t strictly a human or mammal quality.
It’s that we’re ignorant in our right because we tend to use ourselves as a baseline as opposed to thinking that if we have hundreds of different languages and dialects why can’t animals, plants and insects.

Insects' lives are in, chemicals are sensed by the animal and a certain response is triggered. No ''thought''....just chemistry. No ''fear'' (as we know it, anyhow)...just a response triggered by the chemical. "RUN AWAY!" Trees can communicate with one another by releasing chemicals which can ''warn'' another tree about dangers which are sensed by the first tree.

@LucyLoohoo But did you read the article where it talks about bees "planning" actions and various other things? It seems to me like a lot more is going on than just chemical reactions.

@tnorman1236 I understand what you're thinking and cannot deny that there's communication going on through behavior...but it's driven by chemistry. We know they have very small brains (because they're small, of course) and I'd love to see studies done on which body parts are associated with which parts of their brains. They'll never do rocket science but some of them are wonderful at communicating through behavior.


I have a bee hive and am always fascinated by how their are really just CHEMICAL animals....

Friends...PLEASE PLANT "Bee Friendly" crops/flowers!

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