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I'll love you forever. ( singing ) with,...with. I forget the word...oh yeah...skepticism.


Come to find out, the neuroscientist who came up with the idea was terribly forgetful.


I actually feel my head being too cluttered and it does lead to poor outcomes sometimes.......

I feel you, I have a bad habit of over thinking everything


So there doubters, I must be brilliant!


I remember everything! I just can't locate the files when I need them. Nothing like waking up in the middle of the night thinking, "Yeah, she's right. We did see that show when we were on our honeymoon."


Discarding useless information is good mental housekeeping.
Discarding useful information is yes, getting old.
Now where are my keys at...

How do you get rid of stuff in your head, short of electric shock therapy or a lobotomy?

@AnneWimsey The best way is to "get over it". Its an old saying but it holds true.
Also when one truly learns from a situation one can overcome its negativity. One must accept their own fault in the scenario. Once fault is recognized, true learning can happen. Those who fail to recognize internal fault, linger and become bitter on the issue. And repeat said behavior.

Once true learning is achieved. The scenario becomes lost to memory until recalled. Instead of being an active daily recall.

@AnneWimsey bat to the head or a crowbar.

@Veteran229 I have "gotten over" more Crapola than probably anybody, but it is still right there in a word or phrase or musical note......


Then I should be a genius?



At times is just nice to have a selective short memory


That's assuming memory is connected to intelligence. Both can be replicated in AI. So theoretically as intelligence increases in AI, its memory capacity will decrease assuming no extras are added. Be interesting to see if that's true.

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