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Darwin Day & 15 Questions...

phxbillcee 9 Feb 12

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Have you seen this statistic? It is a worry, how many people in the US don't believe in evolution. Well, maybe they looked at themselves and thought: "Uhm, don't think so. We are devolving. Going down the drain." []

Your link sent me to an error page! Guess me, or my PC, isn't evolved enough!!! LOL

@phxbillcee never mind. Wasn't a great link, and just had the US next to Turkey in the bottom of 30 nations, as to percentage of people "believing" in evolution. I find the term "believe" as fitting as believe in gravity or the solar system.

@ZebZaman I agree, belief should have nothing to do with it, but their religion gets in the way. Can you imagine how much further along we could be if religions & their institutions hadn't stifled progress so often?

@phxbillcee I don't know. I'm raised in a very intelectual, open minded catholic household. Some great uncle of mine who was a catholic priest was had Darwin's first edition "Origin of Species" on his shelf. Not typical, I admit. I believe it is the military industrial complex holding us back, but they have very cleverly put the horses of religion in front of their cart, both Christianity and Islam. Why I think Atheism is a fitting answer in this time. One can still hold onto the good of the christian, or Muslim tradition ... but get as far as one can from the dogmas and superiority and exclusive club nonsense.


I don't like links in posts that much, but I tried this way am I watching a 15-minute video, sorry

marga Level 7 Feb 12, 2018
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