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So got the job. I start this week. And staring out at 9.00 an hour.

Got caused out by sister who is already kicking me and my kids out. Because there were 2 nickel sized spots of hair color on her old bathroom rug. No where else just on her rug. And shes upset I didn't tell her I was coloring my hair , but she was in the bedroom with her bf. So what am I suppose to interrupt yall just to let her know? I mean really I didn't even see what she was talking about. Till she came down causing and yelling at me with the rug and did everything but shove it in my face.

Smh can't even be happy I got a job. Nope. Only can tell me how I ducked up. ... Thats my family. Anyone looking for a roommates in the aiken area let me know. Im fine sharing a bedroom with my girls.

Jswearingen92 5 Feb 12

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YAY!!! I was rooting for you!

I grew up in Greenville but I haven't been there except for visits in decades. Aiken...I know very little except I had a few friends from there and played a few gigs...anyway...

Check with your local charities for temporary housing if all else fails. I cringe even more at the thought but you might try Craigslist and such too.


If you were in Ohio, I'd be glad to help... Hope things get better for you soon...

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