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LINK Make America Mate Again

This is capitalism at it's fineat. Make something from nothing and getting people to believe it.

paul1967 8 Dec 4

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Not a fan of safe spaces. Which is why I havent blocked anyone here. Though many many have blocked me.

If one truly seeks a partner I would think sociopolitical view must be somewhat aligned. So this app would actually be a good thing.

With many people posting right in there profiles of trump voters don't even bother to contact. This just seems ti-for-tat. But the close mindedness of don't even bother, creates such an environment.

Yeah, I look at people differently than most. I get how everyone is a product of their upbringing and the way the chemistry works inside their heads. It's pretty hard to offend me and the few times I get offended I bounce the problem off others to see if I'm the one being irrational.


Lol, they would sue liberals who joined their site? Silly snowflakes.

dkp93 Level 7 Dec 4, 2018

These folks should end up practicing the safest sex around. They've already pulled a condom over their brains to protect them from recognizing the truth.

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