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The person I wrote this for reminded me last night I did it... I write things but never memorize any... so with St Valentine Day around the corner... Why not?

on a summer of broken things 7/24/17

things getting rough

you can see

how things splinter

right in front

of our eyes

sometimes life...

is a killer

but even in a world

around us getting meaner

we feel love

and compassion


and clearer

on a summer of broken things

I want to be your fixer

your shoulder to cry upon

my verse and prose

lasting longer than a rose

in a milder winter

because we know a healer

moon bathing with you...

by the river

lust turning into a fever

your eyes sparkling magic

over me...

little by little

a dream come true

as I shiver

or slither

because of you

and only for you

our flesh

calmly simmer

in passion

honey and cider

days by the lake

nights by the river

on a summer of broken things

I want to be your ticket

out of the drag

you just have to whistle

I will be your companion

loyal to your feelings

loud but sweeter

like white water river

because if you want it all

I want to be all

you ever needed

            By Hector L Martinez
                 Severn, MD
GipsyOfNewSpain 9 Feb 12

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Oh, man THAT is so so sweet.

Thank You.

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