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LINK French protests spark media demands for Facebook censorship - World Socialist Web Site

All over the world, the editorial pages of major newspapers have responded to the protests with hostility. As with every popular uprising, the elites and their hangers-on slander the outpouring of popular opposition as “riots,” “mob rule” and “disorder.”

To this reactionary class snobbery has been added a new argument: that the internet, and in particular social media, should be shut down, censored or “regulated” to prevent working people from organizing protests against their social conditions.

Of course, this argument predates the “yellow vest” protests. Beginning in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 US election, sections of the US media aligned with the Democratic Party, including the New York Times and the Washington Post, began to demand that Google, Facebook and Twitter censor oppositional viewpoints in the name of fighting “fake news” and “Russian propaganda.”

Ian-Duggan 7 Dec 6

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Who knew people would riot over costly fuel taxes in the name of climate change.....


If McCain was still alive, he would be on stage addressing the protestors, encouraging them to overthrow the govt. As he did in Syria and Ukraine.

France is different so he wouldn't do that because in France it's popular working class opposition to the government's policies where as in Ukraine it was a fascist coup and in Syria it was right wing islamists. Anyway in those countries it was in US imperialism's interest and in France US is still an ally.

Besides in France it is becoming more left leaning and McCain would be in danger of not being able to control the outcome


Censorship is NEVER the correct solution. Speech which blatantly promotes violence needs to be prosecuted, not censored. Hate speech is free speech.

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