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A Magnetic Field for Mars..."Scientists"

phxbillcee 9 Feb 13

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Dang! "You beat me by 'that much'." 😀 I'll delete my post.

Here's my subtext to it:
An intriguing idea on how to ( 1 ) shield Mars from the Sun's solar wind to ( 2 ) promote global warming which ( 3 ) may melt Mars' polar ice caps to both ( 4 ) thicken Mars' atmosphere and ( 5 ) refill Mars' ocean.

The video presents NASA's idea of creating a magnetic field between Mars and Sun that deflects the solar wind away from Mars.

The video also states that this is only one of the many other problems on terraforming Mars - including the question: "Should we?"

Here's NASA's page on this subject: []

And here's a page on that has more detail: []

thanks for the links!


Maintaining a solar shield would be hard. I think that the core stopped moving for a reason, and to let the planet lie. Keep searching for a habitable planet.

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