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Jury Duty
Love it, hate it? Honor, obligation, inconvenience or all of the above?

Not US members, do you guys have something like jury duty? If so, how do you get picked for it?

Crimson67 8 Feb 14

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Brrrr. Yes we have it. I'd go in shouting "guilty, guilty, guilty".


I was called and I had to explain that I'm not a citizen. But jury duty is a part of the US legal system. People are judged by an average bunch of people that are the target of all kind of psychology tricks from lawyers from both sides that try to point them in a opposite directions. As an atheist or agnostic you could be judged by a jury consisting only Christians. I'm not so sure what the screening, that takes place before the court session begins, is worth. But it's a left over from the English times. Like all legal systems in the Western Worl, it's better than nothing at all.

Gert Level 7 Feb 15, 2018

never called me for it. I do ejury which is fun.


Here they do it by residency if you pay taxes in the county then your on the list. Been called twice in 27 years and only served once. It was a learning experience but found out after that it didn't make much difference. The guy wanted it 4 months early but we weren't told that and we said keep him locked up. But he got out after 4 months.


Lol I have jury duty coming up on the 26th of this month and can't wait. I was called once before, but everyone plead guilty so I didn't have to stay. I just think it will be fun, I guess I have a weird sense of what fun is compared to others I guess lol


I think it's an important responsibility of a citizen. Unfortunately the system is pretty broken. I think I would have to lie and be stupid to actually get on a jury.


I hated it when I was working, now I'd be happy to do it.


I found it interesting, but i only got picked once


I love it. I've only been summonsed once.

For those who are capable and can afford the time away from home or work, I absolutely believe it is a person's moral and civic duty.

I truly lose a bit of respect/admiration for intelligent and qualified people who find a way to "get out of it." (I'm specifically thinking of people I work with -- they can all afford it because we get paid a full day's work for going to jury duty.)


never got asked.


Honor and obligation. It's not the most exciting thing mostly but it's civic duty.


here in NM you are on call for the jury pool for 6 months, that seems like a lot

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