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Does anyone know the sc laws for visitation with a baby who only nurses? Or a good attorney who is willing to help me out ? Looks like in going to court because my ex wants to force our baby to not nurse for days at a time after I offered him to stay with me in my own place any time he wanted so he could see her and she could still nurse. I need help because I'm not trying to keep her from him or him from seeing her but she only nurses and I know she can't go more than six hours with out nursing. Please help.

Jswearingen92 5 Feb 15

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Not a legal strategy, more of my engineering background rearing it's ugly head: can you pump and store some up so that she can 'nurse' by way of a bottle?

I guess I need to ask: is it the breast milk, or the act of breast feeding that she requires? Is she starved for touch, or is she allergic to formula is another way to say it. Depending on the answer, is there a way to satisfy her needs (and yours honestly) without resorting to legal channels?


I'd start here



I can’t offer any advice on this but it would seem to me that a judge is going to have your back on this one. Definitely get the facts first though!

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