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Anyone here into computer programming, web applications, and data handling?

Dick_Martin 7 Feb 15

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This is my biz, Web apps and Data-storage/reporting Primarily using C#/VB.NET, loads of T-Sql and loving the new JS frameworks (Angular/Vue/Node/ExtJs)


I'm a data analyst/database developer. It's been recommended that I get into learning R.

What is R? Ruby on rails?

Not Ruby, what is 'R'?
R is a programming language and free software environment for statistical computing and graphics that is supported by the R Foundation for Statistical Computing (via google/wikipedia) What I've seen of R is from MS viewpoint, lightweight/basic, lang of choice for IOT (Internet of things) smart-appliances/lights/doorbells/etc


My fav is VBA. I am a low level data analyst and all around Excel nerd

VBA? I was looking at that a couple of days ago for a project. Does it have a good GUI? Would you have a screen shot of something you can share? .

VBA - no gui, it's like Powershell, but for (mostly) MS-Office applications (VB for Apps) think vbScript if you knew/saw any Asp classic in the 90's (or yesterday)

I've done a lot of development in VBA. Allows you to get the Office apps to work together. I'm certified in Access and can make it beg for mercy.

@Unicorn1824 ... and you live in Charlotte! I'd love to buy you lunch some weekend and talk VBA. Do you use VBA to run SQL to access databases?

Access queries usually do the job, but I can do SQL too. Know of any jobs?


I am a database programmer who uses and understands most of the SQL languages. I also use a little C# and Python.


I was. I’m retired now. What are you looking for?

Not really sure what I am looking for, other than trying to find like-minded people. I program in RPG, an IBM proprietary language used primarily on their mid-range machines. I am retired and do hobby programing plus HTML, css, javascript and a little php.and Lava. At the moment I am working on putting together a Powerpoint slideshow that includes the ability of novice users to change variables without knowing squat about Powerpoint.


I am an IT Security programmer. My security-focused data warehouse is presented as a web application. We import 60 million records from about 40 different sources 3 times per hour. I process well over a billion records per day while simultaneously supporting reporting for about 10k business customers (internal) (total, not concurrent). This is all custom written and massively multithreaded (2000+ peak threads).

I specialize in real-time high-performance reporting of immense and complex data sets. These days I work in C#, but am happy in any modern OO language and most any flavor of SQL.

I think you'll find a lot of us here. Thinking like a programmer is a good way to reject God.

logic, the gateway drug to free choice and thought


I currently do work in de-identified clinical data warehousing. I very much enjoy it. I love and usePython and am becoming rather fond of R. I’ve been writing code since 1982.

Ohub Level 7 Feb 15, 2018

A long time ago, but haven't since the Y2K clusterduck. I still find that I think like a programmer. Much like falling off a bike, you never really forget it.


Yes. I code for food.


Kinda sorta. I was a programmer, DBA, data architect, and technical architect but have long since have moved into senior management. I ran the technical architecture team for Oracle Consulting in the Bay Area as a practice director. I'm doing oversight on a master data management project now.


Yes. I got burnt out on the programming aspect.. I do bootstrap HTML, CSS, Photoshop etc nowadays.


Yep. I'm the senior developer at my small company and my title is now Senior DBA. Have a team of 8 in house programmers and the same outsource. I get to dabble in everything and direct most development with no one reporting to me. Most of my work is developing API for web applications and then handing off the API to junior developers for refinement and integration into their front ends. This gives me control of most of the data.

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