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QUESTION Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds | The New Yorker

If you care about how people think this article in the New Yorker is a must read. I think maybe once we understand our mind better we can really start making better decisions.

By paul1967
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This is an interesting article. Most of us believe what we wish were true not what we have studied and reason to be true. It's a well-established fact in neuroscience. Read Norman Doidge's two books on Neuroplasticity. This is why political arguments are generally not productive because reason does not apply. Make a person feel through advertising or illustration or other devices and you're much more likely to be convincing.

LolaJane Level 4 Oct 13, 2017

It sounds like you know a thing or two about this. I would love to pick your brain on this subject one of these days, and I'll be reading your recommendation.


Several YouTube videos reccomend that relate well to this:
-Why Facts Don't convince people (Social good now)
-Why you think you're right - even when you are wrong (Julia G. TedX)
-Finding out you were wrong (Atheist debates Matt D.)
-The Rationalist Delusion in Moral Psychology (Jonathan H.)
-The Intelligence Delusion (Steve Slowman)
-The Illusion of understanding (Phil Fembach TedX)
-We're Doing it Wrong / Street Epistemology / Atheist United (Anthony M.)
-Mr. Rogers and the Power of Persuasion (Yellow bear films)
-Steve Pinkerton tests your deductive reasoning

Just a few off the top of my head of my favorite go to videos...

RonnieD Level 4 Oct 5, 2017

something that hurts us,our defend mechanism protect us and we can not see it. Can happen to any one.
When the doctor told me, my darling dog has died, without thinking I said
No he is not dead , he is in coma. I could not face the truth was so painful.

tonia Level 5 Sep 27, 2017

This will make you all chuckle (or cringe). I was recently in a "discussion" which was really just a bunch of people throwing low-grade fallacies at me while I tried to hold my tongue, and pointed out to one of the opposing team that she had confirmation bias and that we all suffer with a raft of cognitive biases.

She actually replied that "I don't have any cognitive biases" which pretty much summed it up.

Draco Level 6 Sep 25, 2017

I remember studying confirmation bias while completing my undergrad many years ago. This was a good read. Thanks for sharing.

GoodMan Level 7 Sep 24, 2017
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