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It still has a very long way to go before it reaches your statement. They still haven't made it put proteins together and many other functions still are lacking.


If it was true "that the information in the DNA code can only serve as a template for a protein. It cannot possibly serve as instructions for the more complex task of putting the proteins together into a fully functioning being, no more than the characters on a typewriter can produce a story." - than it would be an incredible coincidence that monozygotic twin resemble each other like one egg the other.
Of course the shape of the body, down to its details, is in the DNA code.
If it were otherwise, twins would be as similar as distant relatives ...


It’s a very stimulating article. Thanks.

You're welcome.


And I feel fine.

I was wondering who would comment along those lines.

@tnorman1236 I'm your huckleberry.


interesting read. long live King Chaos.


Worth a thoughtful read

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