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LINK Donny Hathaway - A Song For You - YouTube

Here's another amazing song!

By Capricorn6
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I never treat Atheist Feminist women unkindly. ...good this guy is promising to make nice


Beautiful song,thanks for posting


I LOVE Donny Hathaway.

That man was smooth af.

Wasn't he though?!

@Capricorn Oh, yes.


I think I could easily be seduced by a drink or two and some smooth music. This is smooth music, so where the drink or two? smile009.gif

Definitely a mood setter ?

@Capricorn What time should I expect you? smile009.gif

@aspiringunicorn 2 shakes of an lambs tail

@Capricorn Candles are lit! Chilled wine. Cuddle first or slow dance first?

@aspiringunicorn talk first, that's my specialty lol

@Capricorn You got it! I'm over my nervous chattery self now. You can do all of the talking. I'll just spend the time listening to you. smile009.gif

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