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LINK Street Epistemology: Carlos | A Crisis of Faith - YouTube

I have been reading A Manual for Creating Atheist by Peter Boghossian and it’s supper interesting. When I first became an atheist I was super confrontational but that doesn’t do any good. I feel like it’s a good to have a conversation and maybe to try to understand the other side and possibly bring that person to start question things.
I’m only half way through but it’s so good.

By chlorine4136
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I am reading "A Manual for Creating Atheists" too! I couldn't recommend it enough, it has completely changed the way that I interact with believers. Peter's book helped me to relax more and listen better. I was, and possibly still am, aggressive with my approach. It takes practice and patience. I'm also a big fan of Anthony Magnabosco. After watching Anthony's videos and reading Peter's book, I find that using some of their methods help me with my approach. Like repeating the name of your interlocutor when trying to get a point across, and mirroring their postures helps to break down defensive walls and allows for a more productive discussion rather than a heated debate. I'm interested in hearing more about how you are doing with "SE", please continue to share with us your journey! And also any tips or advice you find useful would be greatly appreciated! ?


Wanted to make sure that you were aware that there is a Street Epistemology group on this site [] and also point out that if you had posted this to that group, you could have simultaneously posted the video to this group. In event that option isn't present, you can access that option by submitting your post > clicking on your post > clicking the edit button > then selecting from the drop down an additional group to post it to.

Rossy92 Level 8 Jan 12, 2019

Thanks very much for sharing this interesting video. I loved the fact that the interviewer tried to guide the person through asking questions, avoiding any confrontation. Excellent.

tsallinia Level 5 Jan 11, 2019
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