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LINK Tax the Rich?  History Proves Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez May be Correct

How fair taxes help the economy... "Progressives and Socialists"

By Krish557
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The most noted years were Eisenhowers years. While a high tax rate was present, the funds were used to lower the debt. Which increased the value of the dollar., valuation. Taxes are only one part. If you have high taxes, and print money to make deficit and debt, you are double taxing money by direct tax and dollar devaluation. Which is exactly what Cortez wants to do , spend us into oblivion. Sorry you cannot live through life with a maxed credit card and paying the minimum payments. You will be a slave to the bank. This is true for the individual as well as the government.

The plan is also to cut back on military spending and on needless wars, which would drastically reduce our budget.


It's here or there on capitalism itself. However no company has given the 'advantage' of their tax cuts to support the majority of their workers. There is no country where it has benefited the countries economy. While companies can be fined into a loss they can't be taxed into one as it is based on profit. It was suggested to companies in Australia to do what Japan does give a mere 3% of subsidies to their bottom level workers and they preferred to not take the giant tax-cuts and subsidies than give any benefits to their workers. Unions are constantly attacked as they represent workers and that is an area where a political party does directly effect the economy and that's why regulation is important. Any system can and probably will be abused, authoritarian communism or unregulated capitalism as examples. I'm a bit all over the place here but while you can argue that 'tax' is theft and you'd be technically correct as a whole it is a good way to take care of a country.


The reason why capitalism is evil is because capitalism allows people to amass wealth far beyond that of other human beings, and far beyond the needs of a single person in a lifetime . . . which places more and more power in the hands of these wealthy individuals, who, as a result of their increase in power over others, become more and more separated from their fellow human beings, and begin to enslave their fellow human beings, and, worst of all, eventually begin to believe that they are superior to their fellow human beings, start to dehumanize their fellow human beings, warring upon them, or sending them off to fight in wars were they absolutely would never risk their own lives in, wars to aggrandize themselves ever more causing widespread suffering and death of their fellow human beings. These people begin to think that they are elite, special, kings or queens, chosen by "god" . . . . above the laws of nature even. The plutocrats who rule believe that they are "chosen", and that the masses are meant to serve them, and while they pretend to be the protector of the masses, they are actually the exploiters of the masses.
Meanwhile, those who are not in the upper echelons of society, as the power of those who are increases, begin to be more and more humiliated, dehumanized, and believe themselves to be powerless to change anything. They believe most readily what they want to believe . . . that god will help them if only they pray more, that their leaders have their best interests in mind, that if called to go fight somewhere, that there must be an enemy, and a good reason . . . . they become so humiliated and debased that they do not even bother to question why they are being sent to their deaths, why they are living in abject poverty, why they have no power whatsoever.
Capitalism brings out the very worst in man by introducing unfettered competition against one's own species, to the point of murderous competition, dehumanization, slavery, wars for profit, of aggrandizement, wholesale slaughter. . . . destruction of the world as a sustainer of life . . . in short, a reality that becomes a nightmare of annihilation, self-destruction.
There is no cure for capitalism, it is a cancer, and the humans who exploit their fellow humans are always the last to admit what capitalism is, because they have benefited so much from it., and generally they will not likely change that view until they are on the cart headed for the guillotine . . . .

THHA Level 7 Jan 11, 2019

There is a real relationship between the right politically and the religious in that both believe what they wish to believe devoid of facts or evidence.

gearl Level 7 Jan 10, 2019

Blissfully prejudiced.


Tax them or eat them

Rudy1962 Level 9 Jan 10, 2019
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