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So the loneliness has finely sunk in. I have found myself thinking dirty thoughts of my corworks and customers who come in. ..... I really feel that need to be held by someone. I miss being little spoon after a long day. Im lusting over that physical touch as well as that loving warmth from snuggling after. Falling asleep together and just feeling the heat from them keeping me warm at night. I mean the girls Co sleep when I come home from work but its not the same. You know? Just missing that physical aspects of a relationship. As well of hearing someone tell me they believe I can do it. And help me stay focused because my mind is in a dark place right now Im not going to lie. I mean Im here for my girls but that's about it. I miss having someone there to be happy to see the real me and just hold me.

Jswearingen92 5 Feb 19

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