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My agnostic battle cry.

OpposingOpposum 9 Jan 21

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Nice one possum! Very true words from this observers vantage point.


oh that he had spellcheck, grammarcheck, etc.!

What now?


I had a first-row seat to the idiocy of passionately adopting beliefs about things the people in question had no evidence for, very early in my life so if I can't prove it, I don't know it and don't pretend to.

The truth is all that matters.


Damn, who's left? lol

It seems to be everywhere from fundamentalist Trump supporters, to die hard anti-vaxxers, in my own “camp” sjws who push the equality arguments to absurd lengths and the ever popular old people are out of touch/ youngsters are dumb/lazy/ whatever.


GREAT READ!!! It should be required reading for...everyone!


Years ago I read a book called The True Believer by Eric Hoffer. It was the time when the Tea Party was a big thing and someone recommended it as a way to understand the movement's members.
Needless to say it had a huge impact on me. One of its major themes was dogmas, its appeals and its way of turning certain people into fanatics.
Its one of the things that's always made me self-examine my attitudes and beliefs. Everyone believes in something, even nihilists to a certain extent. However we must always check ourselves to see if we really believe our ideas to be true or if we just hold on to them because we're supposed to. Or, in our modern times of outrage, are we really angry at something? Or are we mad because our political camp says we're supposed to be mad?
Hopefully self-criticism and examination comes back to more people. Otherwise it seems its going to be idealogical trench warfare.


The problem with "Dogma"?
Ben Affleck's over acting.


Whether something is a profound truth or just dogma might be only a matter of opinion. Most likely both sides have it wrong. There could also be some truth to both perspectives.

I like that about belief. Best not to believe anything if you can help it.

Erm yes I thought that's what I had expressed?


I find the same in th U.K. especially with Brexit supporters. Of course being an ardent remained they would probably think the same about me but I have tried so hard to think of good things coming out of leaving the EU and I haven’t found any yet. They are the equivalent of Trump supporters, follow blindly and ignore the dark clouds approaching and in a lot of cases they will suffer the consequences more. Despite all the knowledge gained, and all the things that happened in the last century good and bad , nothing has changed human nature


I'm not convinced dogma as such is the problem you've identified. Blind dogma, yes; dogma that is unchecked by new evidence or new arguments is dangerous. But it's probably not possible to live and make decisions if there are no underlying presuppositions that guide us. And all dogma is capable of leading both to evil and good.

Unnecessary crutches IMO.

@OpposingOpposum Do you believe Antibiotics cure many of bacterial infections? That's not what I'd call a crotch, but it's dogma. Medicine is replete with examples of such dogmas. The key though, is not to allow them to become 'blind dogmas.' If they do, then doctors won't understand the need for other approaches to some bacterial infections, approaches that lead not to super antibiotics so called, but to entirely new approaches.
Dogmas are not always religious, as the original post makes clear.

@Doubting it isn't dogma if it is backed by empirical evidence. Those are facts. An honestly scientific and dogma free mind is open to changing views when new evidence is presented. The problem with dogmas or beliefs are that we become emotionally attached to them. When evidence is presented that runs counter to those beliefs we resist that evidence. It seems to me that is where most of our problems lie. Belief promotes intellectual laziness and blind spots.

@OpposingOpposum The emotional attachment is difficult to break and creates feeling of fear and uncertainty in many, which is why they hang on to often takes stepping out of a comfort zone to be able to look objectively and form new ideas and opinions but the results are generally sufficient to quell the initial soon becomes the new normal and it takes constant effort to keep this times it is tiring and frustrating...many give up...

@thinktwice erm. Ok? It's difficult to get up and go to work everyday but no one's going to make excuses if I decide to stop going. Why are ignorance and fear acceptable excuses for poor thinking?

@OpposingOpposum I am not arguing that they are acceptable...just noting why many seem to be stuck in dogma...they are excuses used to stop moving forward and why communication breaks down...I consider it a tough thing to break through and attribute poor thinking to people hanging on...I am obviously poorly trying to support your statement

@thinktwice I understand that. It just really really frustrates me when people argue against doing something neccesary because it isn't easy. It's a cop out IMO. "I can't adjust to using particular pronouns because it's hard" "we can't fix our economic/political system because it's hard". When did I don't wanna become an acceptable excuse for doing wrong?

@OpposingOpposum I often have to remind complainers that it is called "work" for a is work..and yes...frustrating for sure when your own inclination is to persist no matter what...

@OpposingOpposum Your definition of a dogma as a belief not backed up by evidence begs the question in the philosophical sense. Dogma is no doubt used by some with that definition, but by no means all.
But on your definition I agree with you.


I think catching yourself when you start parroting too many people is a good sign to do a values/belief check...I find myself getting caught up in my inner circle of friends and often have to step back and take a breather...I even "go to the other side" to look around a bit just to be sure I am not getting just one point of is a hard thing to do, but if you want to continue to expand your brain cells and be fair, it is a necessary task...heaven forbid if the words "mistake" "oops" or "I changed my mind" become curse words...

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