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Author S.L. Morgan has blocked me

I recently responded to a comment she made on her stupidbook page concerning abortion. She is pro-life and stated she told her husband that if it came down to her or the baby they should save the baby. This was during the birth of her third child. THIRD! She condemned all abortion at any stage for any reason as morally wrong.

I told her I respected her choice and if she felt that strongly she should adopt all the unwanted children and nurse the women who used coat hangers to abort their fetus. The operative word her is Choice! I also followed it up with...I understand your choice to save your child over your own life and if that were the case then I hope your husband remarries after your death so that his motherless children will have a mother and he won't have to raise them alone. Or something to that affect.

She didn't like my response. Was I too harsh? I've been a bit vocal lately and a lot of people are getting butt hurt.

helionoftroy 7 Jan 29

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It might be time for cocoa. Sometimes I wonder if being online for a long time makes me cranky. Were you right? I think so but maybe that's not the point.

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