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LINK Seth Andrews: The Satanic Panic - The Witch Hunt of the Late Twentieth Century - YouTube

I don’t care how many verses of love Christians use. Christianity, at its very foundation, is a fear cult. From the snake in the garden to Satan in revolution, Satan and hell is used as a fear tactic to make people bow down to the god of the Bible and obey.
Fear is religions most powerful weapon.

By chlorine413
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Hail Satan. πŸ’–

MelanieSheldon Level 5 Feb 10, 2019

Seth Andrews is great, highly recommend checking out his other stuff.

DavidUK Level 5 Jan 30, 2019

It's ridiculous what some people actually believe/believed.
But cats ARE the spawn of the devil!

Dietl Level 7 Jan 30, 2019

I remember learning a year or two ago that there were zero satanic ritual killings in the '80s. I remember dozens (if not hundreds) of talk shows about it in the '80s after school, and even as an adult I just assumed there must be some truth to it somewhere. It is odd how things we are told as a child stick with us our whole lives simply because it seemed plausible to us as children, adults told us it was true, and no one ever challenged it.

greyeyed123 Level 6 Jan 29, 2019

Saw this quite some time ago.

LimitedLight Level 7 Jan 29, 2019
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