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Need housing fast. Got kicked out because my toddler found a sharpie and drew on the wall. .. So yea. If anyone is in aiken and is willing to help meout I would greatly appreciate it.

Jswearingen92 5 Feb 23

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Rubbing alcohol takes it off, unless it sits a long time. ... Also magic eraser works too.

Usually the landlord is required to give you time to fix the problem. Sharpie on a wall is not reason for a immediate termination due to substantial damage.

I'd call a lawyer about that one, it sounds like it is a trumped up item and the real reason is being hidden. If you have already left it might be too late, I don't know.


How awful that you were kicked out for something so trivial - toddlers do that sort of thing with little understanding of why they shouldn't and it doesn't take much effort to put right, so I think the person you rented the property from has massively over-reacted.

I hope you'll find somewhere else, owned by someone with a little more understanding, very soon.

Jnei Level 8 Feb 24, 2018

Wow, landlords are totally getting outa control. You have rights and they can't just throw u out, esp if a lease is involved, I know a little about that industry since I do home repair,and ive seen tennants stay months over, but its all based on local laws.


Aww man! Good luck to you...


Get with the Greenville mission and try 411.

I checked your nearby are talking to absolutely no one in Aiken. Greenville appears to be where your closest fellow members are and there aren't many.

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