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LINK Pope Francis confirms priests' abuse of nuns included "sexual slavery" shocked?. Yet people still won't believe the horrific, cyclical corruption in government and religion smh. These are the same simps who continually get hustled, lied to and cheated on. Naive and gullible. See where your fanciful idealism gets you?

The same people who refuse to believe or admit they truly believe things like this are the same who call those who do believe "conspiracy theorists" even after it later comes out ?. Then when they do concede they still continue to hold faith in their governments and religions afterwards!

I see it like someone who's lover keeps cheating over and over and they always allow them back as if that person would actually change after so many serious broken promises. Sadly this is the state of the majority. Even if they do not want to they force themselves to be "hopeful". It's mind blowing how hard it is for people to be true realists. I personally cannot understand the irrational fear of being realistic.

There are those of us who want the truth no matter how scary it is or how hard it rocks our foundation's and those who want to see through rose colored lenses to maintain the lie they've been told and their parents were told and their parents parents were told and so on.

By gueronihilista4
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The Catholic Church priesthood “good old boys club” needs to be completely excised.


Who would have thought celibacy and shame about sex would lead to gross sex crimes.. Yuck.

MsAl Level 7 Feb 6, 2019

At least,in this case, they're rolling their own.

When the seat of the Christian Religion moved from Constantinople​ to Rome their concubines suddenly became Nuns. There's a reason their dress was called a Habit, it hid a plethora​ of     Something else I noticed was the decline of Catholic orphaniges since the "PILL" came out in 1966. The word Religion should be a synonym for Hypocricy. In my opinion.

People don't want the truth because there are huge fears of being alone, not belonging and the unknown.

Jolanta Level 8 Feb 6, 2019

Fucking worse than organized crime- oh shit it is. Why are they tax exempt?

Jk1960 Level 6 Feb 6, 2019

I've been saying it for years . . . #InvadeTheVatican

Mb_Man Level 6 Feb 6, 2019
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