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Hi.whats up here?

Im an atheist woman that I've arrived here right now .I would be glad if say me whats your activity here

Yasamin 3 Feb 7

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Thanks for your kindness.
And I am realy happy to can meet such good people here.


Welcome to this strange and mostly entertaining place. 🙂


Welcome to the community 🙂


It’s a fairly safe place for those of us from less enlightened nations (mainly the USA) to describe our lives outside the religious pressure we feel within too many of our communities. Politics plays a serious role, as it should..

Advertised as ‘a dating site,’ it appears as though that’s worked for some. But with mountain ranges, deserts, time zones, national boundaries and oceans between the rest of us ..good luck? And, it also appears you may be in a relationship as well.

There are ‘sub-groups,’ where people post about specific topics. There may be more activity going on within them than I am aware of, as I don’t belong to any. I prefer to communicate with everyone, on the general forum here.

Private messages can be sent between all members, unless ‘you’ve been blocked’ by the recipient. I’ve not blocked anyone, as the worst offenders seem to shape up or ship out.. But you can block anyone who may bother you.

There are ‘points.’ A way of ..allowing the acceptance from others to let you gain various ..superpowers. Don’t get hung up over them, we’re just glad you’re here 🙂

Varn Level 8 Feb 7, 2019

Er zijn veel groepen om gespecialiseerde onderwerpen te bespreken. Deze site is een combinatie van dating en conversatie.

There are many groups for specialized discussion. This site is a combination of dating and conversation.

Welkom en geniet van je tijd hier.

Welcome, and enjoy your time here.


Welcome! We talk about different things. We express our opinions. Tell us your ideas.


Welcome - it is a nice place here !

Ohub Level 7 Feb 7, 2019

Hello and welcome, Lots happens here just look through the groups to get a taste of whats on offer.


Hi pleased to meet you Yasamin

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