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LINK 3 tips to slowing down cognitive decline

By tnorman12369
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I would like to figure out how to sleep more than 3 or 4 hours! Nothing works!

Some people just don't. I sleep about 5. It might just be your normal.

@Amisja Fibromyalgia, & then cancer treatments changed my sleep ability.

@Lilac-Jade Oh that'll do it. Hugs...life did for me!

@Amisja It seems to do that doesn't it?

@Lilac-Jade yep. Working nights when my kids were little then sitting up making sure they were ok, then laterly making sure my ex didn't die in the night...maybe I should have slept through that one smile009.gif

@Amisja Hmmmmmmmmm…..hahahaha....

I am a lifelong night person, but I can no longer sleep when I used to be able to sleep.....from about 4 a.m. to 11 a.m. I always felt rested when I slept then, but not now....just don't sleep the way I need to.


Excercise daily, remove all sugar from your diet, and keep challenging your brain by learning new stuff.

I didn't even read the article but I bet I'm right. This should be common knowledge by now.

Doing sugarfree feb...its much much much worse than dry jan. I really want a bag of sweeties...dried mangoes are just not the same!

Missed my point...I feel no different at all!

@Amisja depending on how much sugar you are used to consuming and how much body fat you are carrying....you may not see a different or feel a difference for a few months as your body uses up all the stores. Drink lots of water...and walk as much as you can. The change WILL come and you will feel great!

@SkotlandSkye Can't I just eat choccies n feel crunmy?? I walk a lot and always hit the stairs at work (6 flights). I'll take your word for it but 11 days in and I just feel blurgh.

@Amisja lol. Keep going! It’s worth it!

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