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Anyone spend most of their time reading fanfiction? I've often found myself spending countless hours going through the fanfictions of my favourite fandoms instead of reading new books because I just can't let my old stories go. I've not had much luck finding others that share this interest but thought I'd see if anyone on here was a fan.

RavenGreer 5 Feb 25

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Yes!!! I have thousands bookmarked on Archive of Our Own. It's amazing that people write such beautiful stories for FREE!!! (Sometimes not so beautiful but anyways lol) I LOVE fanfiction! I read it all the time. I usually get into "moods" where I NEED to read a certain genre of fanfiction and usually if I can't find it, I write it privately but I never post it because I never ever finish it haha

My fandoms are Criminal Minds, Supernatural, Harry Potter (Drarry is LIFE), X-Men, Sherlock, Merlin, Doctor Who, Marvel, and honestly probably a ton more but those are my mains !


Yaaaaaaaaas! Me, too.


I have two accounts and one Archive of our own account with about 2,000 favourite stories on each account. It's my guilty pleasure. I'm way too insecure about it to tell everyone my author names. I never finish anything and some of it was first started when I was around 18 so some of the grammar and plot and the whole story really kind of sucks on a few of them.
I do have one Harry Potter humour story that has 413 reviews and I am very proud of it. Of course, I shall never finish it, but it had a good run.
Sometimes I end up reading a crossover about a fandom I've never watched or read and then I have to get into it just to understand the story I'm reading.


Sometimes that's all I can really get to since they can be fairly short & easy to fit into my schedule. There are some gems out there!

Do share! What gems have you found lately?

None lately. :/ But in the past I've found an incredibly well written Leverage fic - gorgeous language & some good Supernatural & Blacklist AUs. Some of my favorites are when they stay true to the character of a character while putting them into new situations (like in an AU or just extended universe). Those seem fairly rare since most people have their own perspective/conceptions of characters.
You have any favorites?



Sacha Level 7 Feb 25, 2018

Do tell, whats your fandom?

@RavenGreer A band which I won't say on here, and also fan fiction of various movies such as The Labyrinth, all very romantic and sexual. Might make some want to vomit. lol.


No, I spend far too much time on social media (this being my primary) and playing video games.

I really need to get back to writing MY fiction and practicing my act. The dude abides...

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