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Oscar-nominated documentary "Minding the Gap" tackles domestic violence through the lens of race and gender

“I was trying to get at the causes of violence, to tackle it that way," director Bing Lui said. "Most of media shows you the effect. I wanted to look at why violence is rationalized."

"Director Bing Liu explores masculinity, domestic violence and race — all through the lens of skateboarding — in his hometown of Rockford, Illinois."


LiterateHiker 9 Feb 18

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Great post. Think I need to see this.


I hope Jussie Smollett is not in it


Through the lens of race and gender could it be?


You're right. It was a typo. Fixed it. Thanks.


I think whoever wrote the headline for the article failed to proofread. The "lens of race of gender" doesn't make sense to me. Race and/or gender, yes; race OF gender, no.


The headline makes sense to me. "The lens of" refers to frame of reference.

We all have our individual frame of reference, based on our education and experience so far. It's like looking through a lens, interpreting what we see and experience.


Thanks. It was a typo. I fixed it: "race and gender."

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