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Hi! Anyone here play tabletop role playing games, like D&D? How about paleontology or astronomy? Renaissance festivals? I'm also a bit of an exhibitionist. How about leatherworking? I think it will be fun to meet some like-minded people for a change, as I seem to be living in a cultural and intellectual desert.

Sairavana 6 Feb 28

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Hails from MeWe!

My graphic, literary and performance arts life work is based largely on D&D and the "multiverse" I began creating after my players completed the module from the 1977 Basic Set. I LOVE Renaissance festivals...I played at several, including the many SCA events held in the Atlanta area c.1985-95 then toured them as a lutelinst solo and with several performance groups, most often my own Tales from the Last Inn. (You know about that being in the MeWe group).

The rest have been passing interests except the (female) exhibitionism...but you probably knew that too!

GREAT to have found you here!

Glad to see you here. It sounds as though we have a great deal in common. Isn't it fun to be unusual? If you ever feel the urge, feel free to chat on MeWe.

I've never been "usual" so I have no basis for comparison but...YEAH!!!

I'm not much for idle chat but we're doing good there, occasionally commenting on each others' posts. I'm trying to lure my performers, models and other business associates to MeWe from Fakebook (which died as a viable promotional platform some months ago). That's going to take some time and serious effort so it's back to a 'real job' for me awhile...anyway...

there are several...hundred posts I've made here you may find interesting...provocative, humorous, reason we can't "post chat" here too!


Exhibitioniam? I used to play DD, but that was 20 years ago.


I hope to start running online games soon, if I can organize my chaotic life.


Always looking for a table top RPG group, dinossauros are nice, I love astronomy (participated in national competitions as kid). And the medieval festivals are so nice, pitty there are none near the city I live now.


I love me some D&D, I watch critical roll every Thursday. Big interest in astronomy and were I physics. Would love to attend some renaissance festivals.

We just had one in Kingdom City, MO the past two weekends. There's also Wentzville, MO in the fall.

sounds like a blast. I will have to check it out.


We do D&D and HEMA (historical European martial arts). Lots of board games.


Routinely attend Saturday afternoon D&D game at local gaming store , involved with LARP group , go to occasional SciFi Cons . Don't go to bars or church , and I like the family oriented games with nice folks .


I play D&D, GURPS and Barebones Fantasy. I love tabletop role playing games.


I'm really into Fate at the moment. It's a fun simple system that tried to keep the game about the story.

If invite you to a game, but I think you are more than 9 hours away ;-/
JeffB Level 6 Feb 28, 2018

I've played Fate, back when it was beta. I also enjoy story and character over combat, but I enjoy more crunch than Fate offers. It's why I wrote my own system.

As for play, the internet shrinks distance pretty effectively.

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