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LINK U.S. Trade Deficit Hits Highest Level in History at $891.3B | Fortune

Trump's tariffs seem to be having no effect in turning things around.

By snytiger69
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people need to put their money somewhere (globally) & the USD is still the best looking horse in the glue factory.


Trump: "I am the King of Debt!"


What is Trade Deficit?
If large portion of economy becomes INTERNAL, then trade deficit will rise endlessly, because we would cease on purchasing other territories resources and products.
After all, it doesn’t look any critical at all no matter how large the number is or will be

Most of this has been attributed to the tariffs, especially the Chinese one which screwed over the farmers here.

To have a trade deficit simply means we import more than we export.

To have a trade deficit means the money in the U.S. is beign transferred to other countries leaving
us less capital to work with.

The usual result is the government borrows more money to stilmulate the economy raisign the national debt further. The huge size of the national debt is a concern because at some point it will grow so big th tcountries will stop lendign money to the U.S.... which would be an economic disaster.

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