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LINK Venezuela aid truck torched by protesters, MSM finally admit… but of course Maduro’s still to blame — RT World News

Nope, the US press and their CIA embedded reporters, nor John the war whore Bolton, never lie when it comes to oil and gold or coup attempts, never, nil, they have never told a whopper . . . . that is, and only is, when they are fast asleep.

THHA 7 Mar 10

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If you want to invade a foreign country, you must first create a casus belli, which is Latin for creating the legal grounds for armed intervention. Tonkin Gulf served the purpose for LBJ. WMD served the purpose for "Big Ears" Bush. CIA-sponsored destabilization operations, and burning food trucks, just may be the casus belli for Trump.


He is to blame overall. Venezuela has been in a national blackout for four days now and food is rotting. It is in total meltdown.

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