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In my opinion, "Love, at first sight", is rare. If you were one of the lucky ones to experience this would you like to share a little bit of your story, especially how you knew that this was, indeed, "Love, at first sight"?

SamL 7 Mar 1

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Met my soulmate when she and I were both committed to other partners. We both knew immediately we were destined to be together. When she split with her hubby and their band broke up, I asked her to join and sing with my band. What we both felt initially blossomed and here we are 35 years later still loving every minute of time we spend together.


DONUTS! No explanation needed.


I believe it is real and not necessarily lust at all. When I first meet my estrange wife, I was not attracted to her but I knew her instantly. She was someone I connected with in a major way.

This is personal and I don't particularly like sharing it. The problem in our marriage has not been that we didn't connect. It has been other things. Something happened "at first sight" that I still don't understand. It was like I knew in that instant that we were going to raise two children together. How did I know that she was my destiny? I don't know.

The break-up of my last marriage had nothing to do with us falling out of love. Looking back, it could have been fixed but at the time the problem was insurmountable. He passed in 2014 so even if I could have done something it's too late now. As with you, when I first laid eyes on him, I knew he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.


Attraction and infatuation, but not love. That takes getting to know someone. A beautiful soul can make anyone attractive in my eyes.


The technical term is "cathexis". And it is not enduring. And it is banally common -- not at all rare.

It is an initial attraction that's hopefully replaced by something more permanent, like actual love.

Maybe what you're referring to is a strong initial attraction that evolved into a lifelong monogamy. That IS increasingly rare.

Yes, the last thing you referred to is what I was getting at.

@SamL Ah. Well ... that is what I was hoping for and that is not what I have. My first wife became severely mentally ill / treatment resistant so that marriage ended, #2 died of a rare illness, so I'm on #3. Not going to know what that feels like to be a one-woman man. Although, my guess is that very few do, and many who claim to are kidding themselves. NOTHING is as good in reality as it is in between your ears.


I call it "lust at first sight" as well.

Yes, there really is a lot of lust going around but I'm certain there are those who've actually experienced and possibly still are involved with someone that they fell in love with at first sight.


I completely agree in Love at First Sight. Yes judgements happen in a flash. It happens for a reason, so eyes open here.


I was at a supermarket checkout with my then wife putting our shopping on the side to be scanned, at the same time a young lady and her partner were taking there scanned stuff off of the till in front of us.we looked up, me and this attractive woman and looked into each other's eyes. both I think but definitely, me got this rush of, well love I guess and we both blushed and looked down smiling but embarrest. I've never felt that before or after ever.


I did not know it was love at first sight. Hell, I didn't even know the feelings were mutual.
I did not think that such a thing was possible. I was wrong.
6 years later, I love him more than ever.

Do you want details?



I tend to think of "love at first sight" as pretty common, really, except that everyone is wrong. Ha! It's "lust at first sight," and most of the time it doesn't work out for a long-term relationship. And for those where the relationship has longevity, it's more of a happy accident — they just happened to also be compatible in the long run in addition to having that intense initial attraction.

Yeah, that's more like it.


Yes I believe in it! The first time I saw the local bakeries peanut butter and fudge brownies. Oh man. It made me weak in the legs.


Recent study has claimed it's just wishful thinking and hornyness that makes you think it was love at first sight


Lust at first sight, is more common and usually where I found myself.

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