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As usual, turned it into a joke with sexual innuendo

Yesterday I went out to dinner with my friend Kameon.

"After hiking two days in a row, my legs were throbbing all night," I said and instantly regretted complaining.

"Sorry to hear that," Kameon said.

"At 3 a.m. my legs woke me up again," I replied. "'Just add that to your list of throbbing body parts,' I thought and laughed."

Kameon collapsed with laughter.

Don't you love friends who get your humor?

LiterateHiker 9 Mar 15

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My friend, Laura, asked for an example of a double-entendre so I gave her one!


Did you wrap her gift with pretty wrapping paper?


Got to love throbbing body parts that keep you up all night for a good reason.


I rather another part of my anatomy is throbbing than my legs.




Not turning statements into sexual innuendo is hard. Real hard. So hard it hurts.




Oh I did something similar...think young extremely fit and nice looking university lecturer. I said, "Oooh Gareth you kept me all night!" (We recently had storm 'Gareth'😉....doh he laughed his head and I blushed bright red! #almostoldenoughtobehismum!


Yeah it's nice to have an outlet for absurdist or double-entendre humor. There are few things worse than thinking of something funny and being unable to share it.


I thought an innuendo was an Italian suppository.

Is that anything like when there was Cardinal Savnarolla in the Vatican and people though he was a hotdog....LOL.

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