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Are there many people here from Europe on this site. Say hello : )

indosunshine 3 Mar 17

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I'm Irish. Welcome to the forum.


Oh thanks. ya brexit has been alot of fun. at least for us anyway. but you girls guys chose it. but it's unfair because now you've got half happy and half unhappy people. also when they make new trade agreements they will surely reciprocate benefits so i don't see what was point of it all. just saying. i would have liked for uk to stay.


Hello...well for a few more days 😟


Not too many, but there are a few. There are more Brits than continental Europeans, I’m one of them, from Northern Ireland. There is a European Meeting Point group here, but we’re not very active. I presume you’re new to the site, so welcome. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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