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LINK Sex with animals: Bestiality bill signed by Kentucky governor

I find ti interesting that they finally got around to this after Trump became president.

snytiger6 9 Mar 28

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what a waste of time. another blasphemy law.

Jacar Level 8 Mar 28, 2019

I wish I didn't know this, but while doing a research project, I was forced into the subject matter. It was mind-numbing info I found. This WIKI looks pretty close to what we reported (look at the zoophilic porn states & criminality of such, it's legal to possess the porn, just don't get cozy in the flesh. Why this needs to be a law is almost as disturbing as the acts, themselves.)



It's probably a good idea couched in a bad mindset.

In other words, I'm not sure their concern is animal cruelty.


I thought that was more of a problem in West Palm Beach, the Hamptons, Westchester, Belaire, and Hollywood!

Studies have always shown that most males raised on farms attempt to have sex with one or more of the animals.

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