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I just started reading Fantasyland: How America Went Haywire by Kurt Anderson. It's amazing so far!


"In this sweeping, eloquent history of America, Kurt Andersen shows that what’s happening in our country today—this post-factual, “fake news” moment we’re all living through—is not something new, but rather the ultimate expression of our national character. America was founded by wishful dreamers, magical thinkers, and true believers, by hucksters and their suckers. Fantasy is deeply embedded in our DNA."


orange_girl 8 Mar 3

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Andersen's book is a must-read for atheists and agnostics. It's fascinating to learn so much about the changing religious sects in the US and how that has lead us to where we are today. He refers to the book of mormon as "fan fiction."

I'm enjoying this book immensely.


I just finished reading "Fantasyland". I thought it was a really good book and helped me to look at our society in a different way. It especially helped me understand how Trump could have been elected President.

I just got home from work, so I look forward to reading more in just a few minutes!


What most Americans failed to realize is that what our founding fathers did was an amazing collaborative Improv.

One of my favorite questions he asks so far is "How widespread is this promiscuous devotion to the untrue?"


Ha ha . Love it !


Sounds intriguing


@EdwinMcCravy, I'll be interested to see if he addresses "million Christians." I'll let you know.

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